Everything I Know About Business I Learned From a Disney Movie

Everything I know about business I learned from a Disney Movie.


It was pizza day in the video department when a debate erupted over the value of the Disney Classics.  The arguments were hot and heavy for about five minutes.  That’s when we realized, everything we know about business we learned from a Disney animated movie.  Don’t believe us?  Check out our list.

Never underestimate the value of a good network.  This is something we learned early while watching 101 Dalmations.  Those puppies would

never have been found without the help of the Twilight Bark.



Don’t step on the little people in your organization as you climb the corporate ladder, because you never know when you will need them.  Cinderella taught us this when the fairy godmother turned the mice into horses and footmen. (There is probably a vegetarian message in there too, but this is a business story.)Disney Movies Taught Me How To Get Along

A team may bicker a lot, but there is no substitution for teamwork.  We saw those traits in the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty.  Sometimes you have to look outside of your own team in order to achieve your goals, like when Prince Phillip joined the fairies to wake Sleeping Beauty and defeat the evil Maleficent.

Remember when the Lady in Lady and the Tramp was wearing a muzzle?  Yet she was still able to communicate because the Tramp could read her body language.

In a similar vein, you should never judge a book by its cover because different backgrounds and lifestyles can build a better team and help you get where you need to be.  Just ask O’Malley the alley cat from Aristocats. The kittens in that movie will tell you practice makes perfect “when you practice your scales and your arpeggios.”

Its a jungle out thereIt’s a jungle out there, but there is always a way to overcome tough obstacles, like when Mogli defeated Shere Kahn in the Jungle Book.  And Balou the Bear will tell you not to take yourself too seriously.  It’s just business.

Of course, sometimes you have to break some bad news to the boss, coworker or client.  Mary Poppins would do it quickly with a spoonful of sugar.

Bell from Beauty and the Beast might tell you there is a lot to be gained when you follow your gut instead of the crowd.

Captain Hook will preach the value of listening, lest a crocodile with a clock in its stomach sneak up and eat you.

Mulan might tell you to always have a plan and make it a bold one if you want to achieve your goals.

We built this list in just thirty minutes.  Can you add to it?

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