Entertaining Photography

We Capture Smiles

When photography is part of the party fun, Cashman Productions ensures everyone leaves with a smile!

Themed Photo Opportunities

Great Photographs, Instantly

When the theme and décor of an event needs to make its way into a photo opportunity, Cashman Productions is there for you.  We were one of the first Las Vegas event photography companies to capture thousands of photos of guests in beautiful photographic settings and deliver printed photographs faster than the guests can pick up their drinks.

Our Las Vegas event photographers have decades of experience posing groups ranging in size from one to twenty people on beautiful sets, while ensuring each smiling face in the picture is also smiling when they get their copy of the photograph.

Cashman Productions list of services for these fun affairs includes the ability to print, email, and text the photographs instantly to your guests.

Photo Booth

Silly Props Included

Remember the old photo booths in the movies when you were a kid?  Those days are gone!  Photo booths are social now, and our machines are as social as they come.  Our photo booths are open air.  They don’t have curtains hiding all the fun from the rest of the party.  Instead everyone gets to see the insanity as it unfolds.

While our photo booths print  a variety of sizes as small as 4×6 and as large as 8×10 , along with traditional photo strips, they also have the ability to send the photos to your guests’ computers and phones, letting everyone share the fun on their favorite social media outlets.

Everything about our photos booths are brandable.  We can add graphics to the pictures including company logos and event names.  We can add graphics to the sides of our machines, extending the reach of your brand and showing each guest who is responsible for the fun. We can also have those emails and text messages come directly from you or your company.

Cashman Productions photo booths glow, and we can make them glow any color or colors we choose.  Our photos booths can match a company logo or the décor of a party, and we can plug our booths into your DJ’s sound system so they change color to the beat of the music on the dance floor.

Ready for Photo Fun?

Candid Photography

Capturing Important Moments

If you were at a party in Las Vegas and there isn’t proof on Facebook or Instagram, did the party really happen?  Yet the internet is filled with mediocre selfies taken at an arm’s length with little regard to composition and without the host having the opportunity to collect and share the memories.

Our candid event photographers have decades of experience taking photos at cocktail receptions, team building events and more.  The Cashman Productions team of professional photographers know how to approach people and ask them for their photos without getting the cold shoulder.  And they know how to wait for the right moment to take the photo without a fork, cigarette or drink in the revelers hands.

What makes our event photography different is our ability to delivered branded pictures to the attendees instantly. We template each photo with the host’s logo and the event name using the fonts and colors themed with the event, to add historical value to the image.  The hosts logo is then seen with hundreds of people each time a guest shares a picture on social media.  We can also capture email addresses during the process and have a variety of branding opportunities to add value for the host.

At Cashman Productions we shoot hundreds of Las Vegas events each year.  Yet each event is shot with the same high level of professionalism and the quality of craftsmanship our team has become known for. Our expert event photographers capture the fun and comradery of every event we shoot.

Fast Flix

Only at Cashman

Get ready for something new!  Get ready for Fast Flix!

Fast Flix is a one of a kind entertainment option combining the best in photo and video with modern technology to create something unseen in the world of special events.

Fast Flix captures eight seconds of video and plays it back at triple the speed it was taken.  This means something as simple as standing up and sitting back down is hilarious.  Those hardcore revelers dancing to the beat look like they have had one to many espressos.

Fast Flix is mobile and has a small footprint.  Our director can roam the room, getting people to toast to the camera, dance to the beat, or strut the catwalk.  Décor companies often provide backdrops and interactive sets to compliment this service, along with showgirls, Elvis and other models.

Yet Fast Flix isn’t as much about the technology as it is about the capture experience.  The glowing ring light attracts partiers like moths are attracted to a flame.  But if its not the case with your party, we have a director who brings the experience to your guests.  The director orchestrates the fun by helping your guests get the most out of their Fast Flix experience.

You can only find Fast Flix in Las Vegas and only with Cashman Productions.

Experience the Cashman Difference