Group Photos

Unlike Any Other

Group photography is about the individuals when viewed through the lens of a Cashman Camera.  When your entire team gathers in one location only once a year, we ensure every face is shining.  Our team of corporate photographers have the technical expertise and personal experience required to make each team member excited about their group photo.  Yet we also have the people skills necessary to coax that single shy team member out from behind the crowd, so they too can be counted.

Your people are your greatest asset and Cashman Productions makes sure your Las Vegas group photos show your team in the best possible light.

Whether your group is three people or three hundred we have the professional photography staff needed to deliver a team of smiling faces.  Whether your group is arranged on risers in an auditorium or gathered on stairs by the hotel swimming pool, we have the equipment necessary to provide properly lit, well composed, high-resolution photos of your winning team.

We Have Your Goals in Focus