Video Production

Scripting, lighting, shooting, and editing. When it comes to the creation of videos for television, marques, or websites, a growing roster of Las Vegas companies are calling Cashman Productions the place to go.

Video marketing is one of the most effective means of engaging audiences across the country when paired with social ready sites such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Cashman Productions outstanding content is sure to inspire your audiences and drive them to take action.

Our keen ability to listen to our client’s needs, work to recognize their goals, and seek out prime opportunities to capture those key moments is what sets us apart.   This critical process helps create a great storyline and script, setting our professional cinematographers down the path to delivering the videos our clients desire.

Our detailed video editing processes take your productions to the next level.  Using after effects, music beds, and mastered transition work, our professional video production team builds and delivers content that makes people say “WOW”!

From scriptwriting to editing, professionals regularly rely on Cashman Productions for complete Las Vegas video services.

We make people laugh, cry, and buy.

Live Events

Perhaps no other company streams more Las Vegas videos than Cashman Productions.  We stream our clients’ events live from tradeshow floors using some of the latest technology, always with your story in mind.  Our video production team is adept at multi-camera live switching and you may have seen our work at concerts, ceremonies, and sporting events.

A live broadcast of any event requires preparation done well in advance of the broadcast.  We work with our clients to understand their brand, their goals, and the visually compelling elements required to make a successful live event.  Then we come with a team ready to broadcast your event over our proprietary video streaming server, or even your Facebook page or Youtube channel.

Conventions & Tradeshows

When it comes to Las Vegas conventions, tradeshows, meetings, and other special events, there may be no other Las Vegas video team who has captured more client testimonials and product demonstrations than Cashman Productions.  Once captured and edited, a keynote address or convention workshop can be viewed, again and again, increasing the value of the expensive celebrity or speaker.

As one of the best Las Vegas video production companies, we are often asked to capture the story.  Sometimes we get tasked with finding the story while capturing the energy in the room before editing our footage into a highlight reel.  Other times we cover an event with a script in mind.

Whatever your need, Cashman Productions has the experienced staff and commercial quality equipment to deliver the story of your event. Whether you need a video to drive attendance for a future event or develop a recap for historical purposes, we will capture your story so you can tell it over and over again.

If you need a kick-off video to launch your event or to air during your gala, Cashman Productions is here, with a crew of seasoned professionals ready to deliver a product to capture your audience’s attention and set the stage for a successful event.

Drone Videos

Cashman Productions is one of the few Las Vegas video companies with a commercial grade 4k aerial video and photo capture abilities.  Our FAA certified pilots work in tandem with superb content creators to collect the content our clients desire.

Construction companies regularly hire drone services for aerial surveying.  Our drones fly over rugged areas, keeping the land surveyor safe from the hazards of rough terrain and fatigue, while taking less than half the time to accomplish the task at hand.

Our construction services highlight new and existing construction projects with breathtaking aerial footage sure to make an impression as progress is documented during the various phases of development.

In social environments like weddings, reunions, golf tournaments, and even corporate outings, drone photos and video adds a unique perspective to what a guest typically sees from ground level.  Your guests will light up when they see the us buzzing softly over their heads.

Aerial production requires state of the art execution.  Our approach will always begin with safety as our top priority. We possess all the necessary regulatory credentials and insurance requirements necessary to operate unmanned aerial vehicles in populated areas, and are regularly granted permits by the Federal Aviation Administration to do so.

Our drone video productions include

  • Aerial surveying
  • Residential real estate videos
  • Commercial development videos
  • Ariel Construction Photography
  • Social engagements such as weddings and reunions.

Additional Video Services

Educational Videos

Recognition Videos

Instructional Videos

Whiteboard Videos

Sales Videos

Social Media Videos

Client Testimonials

Event Presentations

Tradeshow Videos

Public Service Announcements

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