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We are the leading Las Vegas event photography company in the convention capital of the world. This is why we firmly believe nobody captures more corporate events than Cashman Productions.


Our Photography Speaks Volumes

The speechwriter needed weeks or even months to develop the story.  Your graphic artist had dozens of revisions.  Your CEO rehearsed for hours with a teleprompter.  All of this is for one 30-minute presentation designed to launch your company’s next great initiative.  You get one take to tell your story. So do we!

With the latest in camera technology and imaging capturing tools, our photographers and videographers use and manipulate light, timing, composition, and instinct to capture the moment and tell your story.

Cashman Productions prides itself the highest quality event documentation, packing a story in every high-resolution image.  We capture executives, motivational speakers, and thought leaders, allowing you to retell your story over and over again.

Keynote addresses are filled with energy.  The emotion fills the room, and its captured beautifully by our special event photographers in ultra-high resolution.    Corporate event photography is what we do best.

Our Las Vegas event photographers come with multiple cameras and lenses, and the experience to anticipate the ebb and flow of presentations.  They consider stage lighting, backgrounds, and the speaker’s mannerisms when capturing and delivering some of the most stunning event photography in the industry.

Our video team captures these same energized moments delivering long-format educational videos or abbreviated motivational pieces edited to evoke the same emotions as if you were still in the ballroom.

Audience Interaction

Off Stage, On Camera

Photograph the Moment


Your Show Through our Lens

When the emcee surrenders the stage to a band or large entertainment production a different level of event documentation is necessary.  Additional photographers are needed to secure all the elements of the performance as it jumps across the stage or the crowd changes its focus from the lead singer to the bass guitar.

These same elements hold true for panel discussions or any time the audience’s attention could shift in an instant.  One of our professional photographers may focus on a moderator, while a second event photographer may concentrate on capturing the energy of the group.

Cashman Productions is known for planning to ensure every event is captured the way our clients desire.  We commission each of our world-class event photographers with specific photojournalistic roles, setting our team on the road to success by covering every element on stage and providing our clients with the most diverse collection of photos possible.

You have invested a tremendous amount of time and resources in these events.  Cashman Productions makes sure your Las Vegas special event photography is truly special and your story lives on.


Capturing Crowning Achievements

With Las Vegas as our home, we know a thing or two about award presentations.   We have learned to work with presenters to ensure we get a great photo every time.  We have a clear understanding that the photo we are about to take is the culmination of a year of hard work, or possibly a lifetime achievement.  The value of these photos goes well beyond business needs, extending to a very personal experience felt by each award winner.  Our Award photography is filled with all the moving moments from emotional facial expressions to giant hugs from the winning teams and individuals.

Getting these memories into the proper hands is crucial, and Cashman Productions has a variety of delivery methods.  We can provide instructional cards for websites to download at your guests’ convenience.  We can text or email the occasion instantly and we can print a hard copy of the photograph on the spot.  We can also provide a link for you to download all the important photos and deliver them yourself.  In the end, our delivery methods are only limited by your individual needs, and we have a proven track record of delivering these special memories on time and with the high level of quality, we have become known for.

Our ability to document award presentations has led to photos lasting lifetimes and even generations.

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