Local is Better

Las Vegas school photography has been underserved for decades. Families, eager to hold onto memories and stay with tradition, have been forced to purchase mediocre photos from companies taking their money out of Nevada. There must be a better way to collect treasured moments and help our community. There is.

The Cashman Way!

Better photographs start with Cashman Productions. Our photographers are our employees. We do not hire them for the spring or fall photo season and send them on their way. They work for us throughout the year, while receiving constant training and honing their craft. Some of our photographers got their start in the school photography business. We have made them better. A lot better! Our photographers take better school photos, period.

Our company has been in Las Vegas for more than fifty years. It is our home. We were here when Caesars Palace opened its doors. The Cashman family and our family of photographers have been buying cookie dough from the moment our kids started selling it.

We support our community, donating thousands of hours of photo and video services to Las Vegas organizations each year. Las Vegas is our home too. Buying our school pictures keeps your money in your community and ours.

We operate our own photo lab. Your prints are not outsourced to Washington or Colorado. They are created in Las Vegas and inspected by our team of color experts before you ever see them. And we offer the same products as those out of state companies.

Cashman Cares

Our kids are our future. We need to keep them safe. Cashman Productions provides ID cards for all students. Last year there were hundreds of thousands of children reported missing. Having ID cards on file enables the authorities to have quick access to important information including their most recent, well-taken photo.

This is just one way our company is working to make Las Vegas a better place to live.


Preparing for Picture Day

For some children, school picture day is like a holiday held in the school. They get out of class, play dress up, and have fun with their friends. Yet that is not always the case. Sometimes the student does not want to participate. Or maybe they want to wear their favorite shirt, not the shirt mom or dad would like to see them in. Here are a few tips for a “picture perfect” picture day.


The outfit is important, but the argument can be a deal-breaker.

Most parents know what they want their kids to wear on picture day. At least they have an idea. Let us hold that outfit back and wear it as little as possible until the big day arrives. This helps keep the shirt or dress looking clean and bright.


Sleep cannot be overstated.

A grouchy kid does not always have the best smile, and a pouty face lasts forever in a yearbook. Get your son or daughter to bed early, give them a good breakfast, and set them up for a successful day. This will certainly contribute to the best smiles possible.

Get the fight over with.

You have an outfit in mind. But your child has different ideas. Do not put off the inevitable. Have that discussion early in the school year, agree on the outfit, and remind your student of the agreement often. Having the battle the night before or even the morning of picture day is a sure path to tired faces and smaller smiles.


Keep it simple.

When choosing the outfit consider simple patterns over busy ones. Stay away from solid black outer layers. Pick colors that complement each other. And pick something that might still look good if a little something is mysteriously on it.

Let Your Next School Photos be Memorable